ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer to easily manage,share all your local Android and Cloud files

ES Global

ES File Explorer is an in-depth organizational utility for expertly managing smartphone databases.

For Android users, file management just got a whole lot easier thanks to ES File Explorer. This free software suite features desktop-level performance capabilities. With remote access enabled, you can easily locate and utilize your data from afar.

Advanced file-sharing protocols are equipped in this development as well. In addition to standard social media uploads and cloud drive integration, this powerful creation also doubles as a client for WebDAV and FTP transfers.

This comprehensive program even comes with its own media viewer, and the compatible file extensions are nearly all-encompassing. The root explorer is invaluable for advanced users, and it streamlines the ability to alter permissions. An internal SD Card Analyst provides a significant boost for your portable storage potential.

With cache cleaning, real-time observations and task-killing powers, ES File Explorer can operate like a complete system manager.

Built-in compression mechanisms will help you save tons of space, and the app is outfitted to support both .ZIP and .RAR archives. Meanwhile, WiFi and Bluetooth are each fully incorporated for seamless exchanges of information.